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Mindbit Mail Filter is a protection system against unrequested or potentially harmful e-mails. Its key features are ease of installation and integration with already existing e-mail systems, an easy-to-use interface and the modular architecture, which brings along maximum flexibility.

LiSA is a software OSI Layer 2 packet switching system, based on the Linux kernel. The project target is to implement as many functions of an advanced Layer 2 Switch as possible while using a standard PC architecture.

libjssql is a utility library for the popular SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine (aka mozjs or libmozjs). It aims at providing a generic SQL API for JavaScript that is as similar as possible to JDBC.

Mipanel is an integrated system for the administration of web servers allowing for the unitary management of all services: HTTP, SMTP/POP/IMAP, DNS, FTP, databases, etc. The system has been developed having in mind security, performance and resource distribution across multiple servers as basic priorities.

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